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Dia and Yun (Kris/Chanyeol)

dia and yun | kris/chanyeol | nc-17 | 3689 words | crossplay | in which krisyeol finishes a marathon of ffxiii and chanyeol wants to be vanille for halloween

“I can’t believe you actually bought me this.” Wu Fan looks at the giant box that Chanyeol opens with incredible fervor. Chanyeol stares down into the open box, doesn’t bother to glance over at his boyfriend because he’s so giddy that it’s finally here! This wide grin spreads across his face and he peels the bubble wrap away from the packaging.

 “You’re going to look so good in this, hyung.” Chanyeol lifts out the first plastic packaging, and Wu Fan sees that it’s a jumbled mess of what looks like to be bright strawberry blond, almost pink, hair.

“Wait I have to wear a pink wig?” Wu Fan’s face pales and his mouth is twisted in a horrified gape. Chanyeol looks over and giggles, closing the taller man’s mouth and shakes his head.

“No, this is for me. I’m going to be Vanille.”


“This means you have to be Fang.” He pulls out another wig encased in plastic, this one dark brown and clearly long.

“But I-“

“Remember when you had that long, gorgeous black hair? The one where you pulled into a ponytail and would walk around in denim and people would call you cowboy gege? God I miss that hair.” Chanyeol rips the packaging from the brown wig and places it atop Wu Fan’s head precariously.

Wu Fan takes it off and watches Chanyeol unbox the clothing, something furry and something pink? And were those beads?

“Yeah I remember.”

“Pre-debut was so good to you.” Chanyeol digs in the box for the last item- some long, embroidered blue sarong and Wu Fan remembers that Fang walks around in the game in this blue toga.

“It’s not a toga, hyung,” Chanyeol rolls his eyes. “It’s a sari.” He hands Wu Fan two items of clothing- a pair of black spandex shorts and a black tube top- “you wear that under the sari.”

“What’s this for again?”

“The Halloween party down in the SM building. I said I wanted us to dress up like Vanille and Fang, because they’re together.”

“I thought you and Baekhyun were going to be in morphsuits and I was going as Lee Soo Man-nim.”

Chanyeol pouts and how he does it is has an answer pop into Wu Fan’s head.

“I wanted couple costumes,” the younger boy whines. “We’d look good, wouldn’t we?”

“But, crossplaying is your thing! Plus my calves are too thick and I wouldn’t pull it off-“ Wu Fan stops himself when he sees Chanyeol’s pout progress into something almost heartbreaking, and maybe he should just shut up and go with it because he knows how much Chanyeol loves the game and he’s probably spent a lot of his hard-earned money on this (Wu Fan notices the receipt in the box and his eyes widen at the price. 18 000 Yen! That’s over 200 000 Won!)

“Alright,” he sighs and Chanyeol beams, hugging his arm and leaning over to peck him on the cheek.

The day of the event EXO M is released from their practices early to go and get their costumes in check. Management tells them that their costumes have to be appropriate for the party (Wu Fan asked if he could dress up as Lee Soo Man-nim and manager hyung said no, it’s offensive). Minseok gets dibs on the shower first since he’s the oldest, and Zi Tao goes into his room and gets his costume ready.

“How much do you want to bet he’s going as a ninja?” Yixing asks Wu Fan as he gets a bottle of water.

“I’m not putting down any money on that because I know he’s going as a ninja.” Wu Fan has his costume and a photo of Fang in a giant paper bag, waiting outside the bathroom so he can use it after Minseok. He hears the water stop and Minseok step out of the shower, and he waits a few minutes for the Korean to open the door.

Wu Fan knocks on the door after five minutes. “Hyung,” he calls, “I need to take a shower.”

“I’m getting dressed in here!” Minseok replies through the door and Wu Fan groans.

“Hurry up I have to meet up with Chanyeol!”

“Why don’t you use their shower?”

“Because Jongin and Sehun are in there and probably took up all the hot water.”

There’s a pause. “Ohp, I guess I did too.” Wu Fan can practically see the older boy smirk and he rolls his eyes.

Minseok only stays in there for twenty-five minutes before he steps out wearing his school girl uniform. Lu Han mentioned once or twice or three hundred times that Minseok had incredibly nice thighs, and would look cute in a long-haired wig. Minseok took that to heart and he did his best looking as girly as possible, with knee-high socks that accentuate his thighs and a sailor school girl outfit that makes Yixing’s jaw drop.


“Where’s Lu Han?” Minseok wanted to impress him, so he scurries off to his room.

Yixing snaps out of his reverie and looks at Wu Fan. “Duizhang,” he says. “What are you going to be?”

Wu Fan shrugs. “You’ll see.” And he heads into the bathroom and locks the door (he doesn’t want Lu Han or Zi Tao barging in). Wu Fan hurriedly washes himself because Minseok took up most of the hot water, that prick. He goes to shaves his legs (Fang has no leg hair despite climbing tall towers and scavenging wild lands for weeks with no toiletries) and nicks himself twice, but he doesn’t miss any spots and his legs are smooth. Shower done, he steps out and dries himself and puts the photo of Fang on the mirror. He takes the tube top and squeezes himself into it. It’s snug, and it’s not a tank top like Fang wears, but it’s close enough. He puts the black spandex shorts on and they’re tight and Wu Fan wonders if Chanyeol bothered to look at the sizes when he ordered the costume. It takes him ten minutes to get the sari right, and it’s a little shorter, but it fits. He puts on the brown belt and cinches it so the sari falls at the right places. The wig is easy, all he has to do is brush it out and put a bit of gel in a few spots, and it looks pretty much like Fang’s hair. He puts it on and it astounds him that wow, he actually does look like Fang. How long was Chanyeol thinking about this?

Wu Fan gathers his dirty clothes and heads out of the bathroom and school girl Minseok is sitting with Lu Han who is wearing a Roman soldier costume (he said he’s manly so he went for the manliest thing in the costume shop), and Zi Tao in his, you guessed it, his ninja costume with his Wushu stick handy, even though management said weapons weren’t allowed. They all look at Wu Fan and their jaws drop.

“Gege you’re a woman!” Zi Tao exclaims and Lu Han can’t process that duizhang is even in a costume, much less a female costume. Minseok’s eyebrows raise and Wu Fan has to admit his costume still isn’t as convincing as Minseok’s.

“Where’s Yixing and Jongdae?” Wu Fan asks.

“Down with EXO K. Jongdae’s costume matches with Baekhyun’s or so I heard.” Minseok gets up and straightens up his skirt and Lu Han literally escorts him out of the dorm, with Zi Tao trailing behind him. Wu Fan grabs his keys and heads behind him, taking the stairs down to EXO K’s dorm so he can get used to walking in this costume. The shorts ride up and the sari swishes too much for his liking, but they make it to the dorm and they see Jongdae and Baekhyun close the door to their dorm and head down the hallway.

“Where are you guys going?” Lu Han calls out to the two. Baekhyun’s dressed up as a zombie hipster (he looks ridiculous) and Jongdae is Thor (with the blonde wig he looks even more ridiculous). Zi Tao laughs at the spectacle and they both frown.

“The rest of the group is already down at the party. We need to hurry.” Baekhyun says urgently, possibly because he wants to see his SNSD sunbaes. He takes a good look at Wu Fan. “Duizhang is that you?” He asks.

“Yes it’s me knock it off,” Wu Fan rolls his eyes. “I’m supposed to be the Fang to Chanyeol’s Vanille.”

“Oh is that what he is?” Jongdae asks. They all walk out of the building and scurry off to the main SM building before any fangirls realize that EXO are in costumes and take many photos of them.

The SM building is decorated with dozens of mini pumpkin lanterns and orange and purple lights all around. All of SNSD are dressed as sparkly angels and Baekhyun nervously migrates towards them with Jongdae in tow. Wu Fan sees Yixing dressed up as Batman, Kyungsoo as a toreador, Sehun as a basketball player, and Jongin and Joonmyun as two vampires. Lu Han and Minseok go to Sehun and Wu Fan is left alone to look for Chanyeol. He passes his Super Junior sunbaes dressed in various odd costumes (Ryeowook is with Henry, dressed up as hobbits and Hyukjae is Marilyn Monroe again) and SNSD and you’d think after having stood on stage with all of SM Town on more than one occasion Wu Fan would be able to spot his boyfriend easily. Amongst the wigs and odd outfits and the dim lighting no one looked like Chanyeol. Siwon hyung, dressed up as a pastor, spots Wu Fan and his eyes go bug eyed at his costume.

“Hyung, I’m looking for Chanyeol. He’s dressed up as a video game character.” Wu Fan asks over a loud playing of Hyuna’s Bubble Pop.

Siwon shrugs. “I don’t know which video game character, and unfortunately I don’t think I’ve seen him, but you look really nice tonight!” Siwon gives Wu Fan two thumbs up and one thumb is hidden behind a Bible. Wu Fan bows as thanks and heads off into the crowd. Jinri ah is dressed as a very convincing decaying zombie and Luna is Tinkerbell. Jonghyun hyung is in a toga and Kibum is dressed as Jackie Kennedy, and Minho is a soccer star, go figure. They all compliment on his costume because they never would have guessed the tall and imperious Duizhang to wear a girl’s costume, though Fang really does suit him.

It’s not until the DJ blasts BoA’s Game (BoA in her lovely costume as a princess looks disgruntled as the DJ doesn’t bother to turn it down) when Wu Fan spots two bright red pigtails in the crowd between Zhou Mi dressed up as the Doctor and Yunho dressed up a mime. He hurries over to them and yes, it is Chanyeol, looking lost and so perfect in his pink halter top and orange-yellow skirt and fur pelt. Vanille’s costume really does suit Chanyeol, how the colors of the wig and the outfit itself fit with his bubbly personality. He looks like her, and the way he sways his body from side to side is a nearly spot on accurate depiction of Vanille’s character.

Wu Fan leans to whisper into Chanyeol’s ear. “I’ve found you.” He attempts his best Fang impersonation and Chanyeol jumps, bless him, and he spins around and flings his arms around Wu Fan.

“There you are!” He cries. “I’ve been looking everywhere!” He sneaks a kiss on Wu Fan’s cheek because no one knows they’re dating.

“You look so amazing! We look cute together, don’t we, hyung?” Chanyeol wraps his arm around Wu Fan’s and leads him away to the punch bowl. Together, they don’t look so put out and everyone else can see that they’re supposed to be together. SNSD noonas compliment them and Seohyun ah says Chanyeol makes a more convincing girl than anyone and Chanyeol blushes, his pigtails bouncing softly.

“I was wondering why Kris was walking around in some robe, I didn’t realize you two were video game characters!” Yuri noona laughs and Wu Fan looks flustered because all of SNSD giggle at this. Chanyeol gets drinks for both of them and Wu Fan gets distracted how Chanyeol’s eyelashes flutter when he tips his head back to take a drink. The punch is watered down Chilsung but it’s better than nothing. Sexy, Free, and Single starts playing and Chanyeol happily skips to the middle of the dance floor with Wu Fan behind him. He dances in a way that lets his skirt ride up slightly and the fur pelt bounce. As cute as Chanyeol looks, Wu Fan just wants to shove Chanyeol up against the wall and show everyone in the room exactly why they’re dressed up as these two characters. Whenever the chorus bumps and Chanyeol’s hips sway to the beat, Wu Fan’s cock aches as it strains against the spandex of his shorts and his dancing becomes even more awkward.

“You look like a swaying tree,” Chanyeol giggles, this one high pitched to match Vanille’s. “Come on now, relax!” He grabs his hands and they spin around, attracting attention from mummy Jungsu and police officer Youngwoon. But it’s all in good fun because the rest of EXO get up to dance, and it causes SHINee sunbaes to get up and dance too. The speakers bellow a remix of Lucifer and Electric Shock, and Wu Fan’s eardrums are about to give out but he stays because Chanyeol’s ass is now brushing against his crotch and despite the ample amount of space Chanyeol doesn’t move away.

Forty five minutes later Wu Fan thinks it’s time to head back so he moves back to the punch bowl, but Chanyeol pulls him back and tells him that they’re going to do a Halloween costume contest so they should get to the front and enter. Wu Fan’s pretty sure that almost everyone has seen his costume but he doesn’t want everyone to see. The wig is starting to itch at his neck and his shorts are getting too tight and his feet are killing him, but Chanyeol insists, so Wu Fan lets his boyfriend drag him to the front where Jessica noona and Minseok are standing. Jongin insists he enters too because he’s “the sexiest vampire in the room but Taemin dressed as Beyoncé begs to differ. They both enter and the last to enter was Donghae dressed as Tooli. Jungsu became the MC for the event and asked for the contestants to walk in front and strike a pose. When it’s Chanyeol’s and Wu Fan’s turn, Wu Fan coughs awkwardly and tries not to blush so hard and Chanyeol strikes the signature Vanille pose, and it’s a hit with the rest of SM Town. There’s chanting from the Super Junior sunbaes for Wu Fan to strike a pose with Chanyeol but Wu Fan holds his hands out and cries “I don’t know any poses!” Chanyeol bounces cutely and he gets Wu Fan to do the V for victory sign and that wins everyone else over. Wu Fan scurries away so that the next contestant can have a turn, and all he hears over the music is Chanyeol’s booming laugh.

Chanyeol and Wu Fan win best in show, with Chanyeol holding a little plastic trophy. He skips out of the SM building and shivers when the cold air hits him. Wu Fan chuckles and wraps an arm around Chanyeol and leads him back to the dorms.

“I never got to tell you inside, but you make a very cute Vanille.” Wu Fan whispers to Chanyeol and he blushes. There are a few fans outside snapping photos but Wu Fan doesn’t care; it’s Halloween! They’re supposed to dress up! Wu Fan winks to one of the fans and asks, “I make a good Fang, right?” The fangirls scream and he assumes that’s a yes.

“Let’s hurry back before they take more embarrassing photos of us.” The couple jogs back to the dorm and hurries inside before any fans follow them in. Chanyeol sneaks a kiss on Wu Fan’s lips as they get in the elevator and the younger boy shivers against the older boy’s body.

“Thank you for dressing up with me,” he says, his voice mellow and sweet and Wu Fan loves it when Chanyeol is like this. “It meant a lot to me.”

“You know there’s one way to really thank me.” Wu Fan hisses as Chanyeol’s hips brush against Wu Fan’s hard on, and Chanyeol understands. Wu Fan picks Chanyeol up and wraps his long legs around his waist, the younger boy yelping as the elevator stops at their floor and Wu Fan carries him to the door of EXO K’s dorm.

“Open the door.” Wu Fan let’s Chanyeol down and Chanyeol fumbles with the keys, but he eventually gets the door open. Wu Fan presses his lips against Chanyeol’s and wastes no time snaking his tongue into his boyfriend’s mouth, blindly guiding the two of them into Baekhyun and Chanyeol’s shared room. Chanyeol nearly trips backwards into a few boxes as he fumbles for the light switch, and when the light is on, Wu Fan shoves Chanyeol onto his bed, but not before Chanyeol finally rips off Fang’s wig from Wu Fan’s head, and yes the itchy feeling is gone and he can focus on Chanyeol squirming on the bed as his pink halter top is tight against his chest, and can see his nipples poke through the top. Wu Fan presses his body on top of Chanyeol’s and kisses him fiercely, rubbing his dick against Chanyeol’s and smirking when he feels the boy’s arousal poke through the skirt. Wu Fan kisses down the boy’s chest, pushing the halter top upwards and pinching the boy’s nipples. Chanyeol’s baritone voice squeaks and begs for Wu Fan not to pinch them, but Wu Fan doesn’t listen. He pinches harder, rolling them in his rough fingers and one free hand reaching down to shove Chanyeol’s underwear down from under the orange-yellow skirt. Chanyeol awkwardly kicks his legs to discard the underwear and reaches to palm his length but Wu Fan stops him. “No touching yet.” Wu Fan orders, taking off Fang’s utility belt and those damn spandex shorts. His cock springs free and peeks through the sari, and Chanyeol clinches his tongue through his teeth at the sight. It feels like Wu Fan can finally breathe, and he relaxes on top of Chanyeol once more, lightly nipping at the boy’s clavicle. Chanyeol reaches at the night stand and gets a bottle of lube, shaky fingers flipping the cap open and squirting a liberal amount on his fingers. He leans back and slowly sticks one finger in, eyes squinting shut as he pushes in one digit all the way.

“Open your eyes Vanille,” Wu Fan orders and Chanyeol flutters his eyes open, inserting another finger and pushes deep, blushing while Wu Fan takes in the sight.

Chanyeol reluctantly removes his fingers and uses the remaining lube to smear on Wu Fan’s cock, and the older boy hisses at the feeling of Chanyeol’s hands on him. He pushes Chanyeol back onto the bed and spreads his legs even wider as he positions himself to Chanyeol’s entrance.

Wu Fan takes another stab at a Fang impersonation. “You ready Vanille?”

Chanyeol does Vanille’s light hearted giggle and chirps, “Ready!” and he goes to say something else but he lets out a strangled shriek when Wu Fan slams his cock all the way in. Wu Fan snaps his hips upward, not wasting any time in finding that spot in Chanyeol, furiously fucking into Chanyeol and watches how Chanyeol’s cock slaps at his stomach, drooling pre-cum. The pigtails of Vanille’s wig slap at Chanyeol’s blushing cheeks as Chanyeol cries and begs for more of Wu Fan every time the Chinese boy pulls out. Chanyeol immediately becomes pliant, allowing Wu Fan’s hands to roam his body and stop at his neck to wrap one hand at the base of this throat, lightly pressing and not meaning to choke.

Wu Fan changes into an unhurried rhythm, making all of thrusts deliberate so that Chanyeol can feel all of him inside him. Chanyeol bites his lip and pants, whining why can’t Fang unnie go faster, but Wu Fan doesn’t relent and pulls himself all the way out, only slam as hard as he could back into Chanyeol’s tight heat. He grabs a hold of Chanyeol’s hips and sits on his heels as he fucks hard and relentless into Chanyeol, alternating the thrust speeds that drive Chanyeol insane. The younger boy babbles on, switching from Fang unnie to Wu Fan hyung and crying out that he’s going to come, and Wu Fan rams into him a couple of times until he slows down and comes hard with a strangled grunt. The sensation of warm cum filling Chanyeol’s hole has Chanyeol letting out an uncharacteristically high pitched moan as he stills and comes all over his stomach and his cute pink halter top.

Wu Fan pulls out and collapses on top of Chanyeol, burying his face into the pigtails and breathing deeply.

“Maybe,” he says after a while, placing sloppy kisses on Chanyeol’s cheek. “Crossplaying as Fang isn’t so bad after all.”

Chanyeol lazily giggles. “See? It’s not so bad. Even you had fun.”

“You should wear pigtails from now on.”

“I’ll think about it.” Chanyeol looks at their varied state of undress, how Fang’s sari is sliding off Wu Fan’s body and the pink halter top pushed up and getting wrinkled, not to mention the discarded belt and the stained skirt.

“You know,” Chanyeol says. “I’m trying to get Baekhyun into Final Fantasy, but if he walks in and see us like this I think it’s going to ruin my chances of ever getting him interested in the games.”

Wu Fan rolls his eyes and pulls Chanyeol toward him. “Ah, it’s Halloween, let’s scare him.”

-I said I wasn't going to write smut until after my Skyrim Krisyeol and my Kyungsoo fic but I obviously can't keep promises
-if you don't know Final Fantasy XIII (not as good as Final Fantasy XII) Oerba Yun Fang and Oerba Dia Vanille are two playable characters from the game and it's implied [in the fandom] that they are closer than friends because Fang is totally gay for Vanille lbr
-gif credit to fyeahhopeestheim
-I wanted to make a crossdressing fic for Chanyeol but there's like 309854847521 other fics of that BUT THERE AREN'T ANY CROSSPLAY FICS... I think

Tags: chanyeol, exo, fanfic, final fantasy, kris, krisyeol, two towers ship!
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