韩庚 (saitheisonfire) wrote,

Stained With Ink (Baekhyun/Kai)

Author: saitheisonfire
Rating: NC-17 (for sex and misuse of paint)
Summary: we have to try to make the Jongin in his satanic war paint not as scary as it seems
Note: I know Baekhyun is the sweet guy and the jokester but ugh wouldn’t it be great if he were rough and commanding?
Disclaimer: Baekhyun is my main EXO bias, but it doesn't mean I own him. I don't own any of the boys of EXO, and if I did Tao would be at home with a bowl of soup resting his injury. same goes for Kai.

“I can’t believe they’re making me do this.” Jongin crosses his arms for what Baekhyun counts as the seventh time, glaring at the small jar of body ink in Baekhyun’s hand. They were wrapping up the shooting of the MAMA MV, and the creative director throws a curveball at the exhausted and sore yet excited boys of EXO, that they all had to don atrocious face paint. The boys watched their fellow band mates with barely concealed giggles as stylists brushed black paint around their eyes and down their necks, ranging from the simple to the very stark and outlandish. It got too rowdy by the time a stylist finished Wu Fan’s face, painting jagged stones from temple to chin and yet he still looked like a god and Jongdae and Chanyeol griped at how he always got the cool looks, so the stylists split them up in different rooms so that they could get their job done as quick as possible with little room for bickering over the paint designs. Kai and Baekhyun were in a room together with one stylist painting Baekhyun’s face first- very simple and Baekhyun didn’t look too strange with miniscule triangles painted on his cheeks. Kai looked at the design his face was supposed to have, aghast at the words and the downright absurdity of it all.

“Am I a billboard?” Jongin asks suddenly as the stylist corrects a smudge on Baekhyun’s face. Both Baekhyun and the stylist look at him.


“Am I a walking advertisement because-“ Jongin holds up the paper with his design drawn on it and nearly spits. “This looks like an advertisement. On me.”

“It’s not on you yet.” Baekhyun says as he squeezes his eyes shut quickly when the stylist sprays on his face to set the paint so it won’t smudge.

“Isn’t there another design that you guys passed up on for me, like you drawing a penis on my face wouldn’t be as bad as this?” Unfortunately the stylist confirms to Jongin that there are no penises to be drawn on his face, nor are there curse words or gang symbols. Jongin has to make do with this design. Baekhyun fights to roll his eyes as his younger band mate literally whines when the stylist looms over him with paintbrush in hand and ink stained fingers.

“C’mon it’s not so bad,” Baekhyun says, about to check if he has to go out and make an appearance on camera but is told he won’t be needed for another hour. “Just think as a way to get our name out there.”

Jongin groans. The stylist is then called out of the room before she can mar Jongin’s skin with the ink. She is needed on the set because she needs to redo Joonmyun’s hair as he must have had a mishap or something.

“I’ll get another person to come in and do your face,” she says.

Baekhyun hops out of his chair, swiftly taking the paintbrush and ink jar out of her hands. “Why don’t I do it noona?” Baekhyun’s eyes literally twinkle and he bites his lower lip and Jongin wants to hit Baekhyun in his perfect face for trying to blatantly charm their stylist.

But like in the fan fictions, the stylist just nods and lets Baekhyun have the ink jar and brush and wordlessly leaves, shutting the door behind her.

“Okay Jongin ah you’re up pretty soon so let’s get this over with yah?” Baekhyun flashes a pretty smile and Jongin stands up and slouches.

“Lighten up bro. Could be worse.”

“Why are you painting on my face and not a stylist noona, hyung?”

“Aw let me have a go. You know I draw and stuff right?” Jongin ponders for a second and remembers Baekhyun is quite the competent artist, really precise and delicate with lines and figures. Had he not tried out for SM he’d probably be a manhwa artist or something.

“I can’t believe they’re making me do this.” Arms cross and Baekhyun assumes that’s the eighth time.

“Okay, just, don’t make me look bad. This is my moneymaker.” Baekhyun laughs and Jongin straightens up, careful not to move as the bristles lightly dance across his skin. Despite his boyish aura, Jongin is extremely ticklish, but he doesn’t want Baekhyun to know his, because knowing him he’ll blurt it out to Chanyeol and Joonmyun who would use this knowledge to their pleasure and to Jongin’s horror. He’d never be able to live it down. He tries not to choke on a breath when he feels the cool ink and the thin brush contour the ridges of his brow, and he tries not to dart his eyes around wildly when Baekhyun paints the words on his face.

Jongin assumes Baekhyun finished two letters- it felt like it. “How’s it going hyung?” He doesn’t dare to look at Baekhyun in case he distracts the singer.

“Patience,” Baekhyun’s voice is softer but there’s still a bit of cheer underlying the rasp of his voice. “Don’t rush an artist. You still look like you can make the noonas drop their panties, so I’m obviously doing well.” He finishes painting the X on Jongin’s nose, now he’s gingerly painting a C dangerously close to Jongin’s eye.

“Don’t blind me hyung.” Jongin choked.

“I would never do such a thing.” Jongin looks to see Baekhyun dip the paintbrush into the ink and start on the lower part of Jongin’s cheek, tongue sticking out as he concentrates on drawing an F.

The paintbrush’s touches made Jongin feel itchy, and he wanted to rub at the ink but he didn’t want to smudge his hyung’s hard work, so he bit his lip.

“I need you to stop biting your lip.” Baekhyun said suddenly, voice serious, but not threatening, yet a tendril of shock coursed through Jongin’s body. He stood up straighter and he left his lip alone and tried not to visibly shiver when the brush painted ink on his lips and to the tip of his nose. Jongin chanced to look at his hyung and saw that Baekhyun’s eyes were hard and slightly hooded and he didn’t blink. His breathing slowed and every few seconds his tongue would dart across his lips. Jongin gulped and felt flush. Was he blushing? He hoped he wasn’t blushing.

Baekhyun caught Jongin’s gulp. “You okay?” Baekhyun’s voice sounded strangely funny but Jongin brushed it off and nodded, letting Baekhyun finish the M and paint the underside of his chin. The paintbrush took another dip into the jar, then trailing slowly down Jongin’s neck.

Jongin’s legs twitched and he hissed despite himself.

“You okay?” Baekhyun asked again.

“Yeah.” Jongin’s voice squeaked and he cursed himself for that.

Baekhyun began painting EXO PLANET across Jongin’s neck, lingering on certain letters and Jongin could feel it.

“Your skin looks very nice with this paint on it.” Baekhyun says softly. “It contrasts well, like a shiny black button on a sharp and well-tailored white suit jacket.”

Jongin wanted to say “you think the noonas will want to lick it off me” as to joke with Baekhyun, but all that could come out of his mouth was “Thanks, hyung.” He realizes they’ve been at this for over twenty five minutes and he’s now leaning against the wall and his fingers are trying their best not to claw at the walls or at Baekhyun because wow that paintbrush is tickling some sensitive areas Jongin wasn’t aware that existed and Baekhyun’s eyes are dark and that tongue darts in uneven patterns and fuck what is Jongin doing staring at his hyung like that with his jaw slack and eyes glazed.

Baekhyun notices, of course, his dark eyes and perfect eyeliner trail down to briefly take in Jongin’s twitching legs and heaving chest. He doesn’t ask if his dongsaeng is okay, because he’s not sure if his voice will sound the same.

“Almost done.” He says hoarsely and he clears his throat and Jongin inhaled sharply through his nose with his lips pursed. Baekhyun closes in on Jongin, dips the brush into the ink and carefully paints the EXO logo on the center of his chest; Jongin feeling the short and sharp strokes on the brush as it made straight lines against his skin. He was painfully aware that with each breath he takes that his lips are chapped and he wants to lick them but he doesn’t want to ruin Baekhyun’s immaculate paint job, and that every time he inhales through his nose he can smell Baekhyun’s scent, which despite filming for hours and caked with makeup and other products, he surprisingly smells good, and Jongin refrains from leaning in to deeply inhale. For some reason Jongin feels his pants tighten and his eyes widen and he tries not to look down because if he does then so will Baekhyun and he’s going to wonder why the dancer has a growing erection and Jongin can’t really say it’s because the singer smells oddly delicious and the painting is turning him on. He focuses on Baekhyun’s smooth neck, watches the Adam’s apple bob lightly when he swallows hard.

Baekhyun then grimaces and brushes his thumb at a smudge on Jongin’s chest. “Aish, I made an error.” He wipes some ink away and touches up on the words. Jongin feels the soft pad of Baekhyun’s thumb and he all but moans at the touch of the elder’s fingers.

“You almost done hyung?” Jongin realizes he’s whispering because Baekhyun leans forward to slowly paint block letters of Kyungsoo’s name and now Jongin can smell his hair and his shampoo and though it’s faint it’s clouding his brain and his eyes nearly roll back.

“Let me finish. These letters aren’t going to paint themselves.” Baekhyun moves to paint Jongin’s name on Jongin’s collarbone and the dancer chokes at the tickling sensation. He feels the brush spell out Sehun’s name, then Chanyeol’s, and then to Baekhyun’s name, where he swears the singer lingers over painting his name. Jongin wants his fingers to claw at Baekhyun’s shirt, his wrists, his perfect face, anything to get him to stop his ministrations for a second.

And maybe kiss him so hard that Baekhyun’s lips will erode.

Jongin is literally quivering with sexual frustration and discomfort as he feels Baekhyun finish out Joonmyun’s name and the warm breath of the singer blowing on his skin and Jongin wants to groan and bite Baekhyun and his dick is pressing hard against the fly of his pants and he’s gonna be struggling whilst dancing with a hard on.

“Done.” Baekhyun says finally and backs away to marvel at his handiwork, nodding and chewing on his bottom lip. Jongin slumps a bit and feels Baekhyun’s eyes rake over his body, burning under his perfect eyeliner gaze. He chances to look up and sees that Baekhyun is staring at his crotch and the singer’s lips part, tongue slowly tracing the edges of his bottom lip. Jongin can see that Baekhyun’s eyes are hard to read, yet he thinks he can see his reflection in those dark depths. Jongin’s eyes take in Baekhyun and sees that the singer’s pants are also tight around the zipper, a noticeable bulge and Jongin feels slightly better that he won’t be the only one with issues while dancing.

Baekhyun puts the paintbrush and ink jar and stares at Jongin, gulps hard and slow and fidgets with his hands.

“You uh,” he stumbles. “You look nice.” He takes the bottle the stylist sprayed before and sprays liberal amounts of liquid on Jongin to set the ink.

Jongin mumbles a formal thank you and hurries out the door before the director barges in there and demands them on the set. Baekhyun wordlessly follows and matches Jongin’s stride, both of them making a conscious effort not to bump hands while walking.

Jongin is immediately taken to the side by the coordinator to go over his moves, and after a few minutes he’s sent to the set and told to act insane on set. He is give his instructions and Jongin lets loose and hopes maybe his erection would subside if he just concentrated on dancing instead of thinking about Baekhyun’s perfect eyeliner and face and his touches and his sporting hard on.


Thirty minutes and Jongin gulps down a bottle of water after his part, aching slightly and is soon joined by the rest of EXO K on the set to do the routine with him. Baekhyun is on his left and though Jongin spent over an hour in a room together looking at each other’s face paint, he looks totally new and sadistic in the dim indigo light and Jongin’s breath catches in his throat. He looks perfect. Baekhyun steals a glance at Jongin, his eyes darker and hinting at something dark and twisted and Jongin just nods dumbly. His erection is back again and Baekhyun sees this and smirks.

Fucking hyung, Jongin gripes and they get busy dancing, going pretty well despite the director yelling at Kyungsoo for stepping out of the line thus causing the dance sequence to look uneven. They do it again; careful of stepping out of place and making sure their footwork is right. Forty five minutes later they are slicked with a fine sheen of sweat but they were finished, and the director calls out for EXO M to come on the set and do their part. Jongin gets another water bottle and takes a sip, seeing a figure approach him out of the corner of his eye. It’s Baekhyun, with his hoodie off and wiping sweat off his neck with a hand towel. Jongin swallowed nervously and lowered his bottle as Baekhyun looked him up and down. Baekhyun cocked his head towards the hall, as if mentally telling Jongin to head back to the room. Jongin didn’t bother to ask, he simply allowed himself to tail behind Baekhyun, no words uttered between them.

Jongin enters the room first and he hears the door close. Suddenly wiry arms grab his shoulders and turn him around roughly, and Jongin doesn’t even make a noise in protest, even when thin lips smash into his own. Baekhyun’s soft hands are clutching Jongin’s head and pressing them even closer, teeth clicking and biting tongues and Jongin likes this feeling. He pushes the back of Baekhyun’s head and bucks his hips, brushing erections together.

After a moment they pull away and Jongin sees Baekhyun’s pupils are large and the singer’s lips are slightly swollen and black ink is smeared over them, and Jongin thinks he looks incredibly beautiful that way. His triangles are smudged yet his perfect eyeliner still remains intact.

Despite being the taller and stronger of the two, Jongin is forced backwards into the table and his head bangs into the mirror and Baekhyun’s mouth is on his again, hands forcing Jongin’s shirt up and roaming the dancer’s chest. Jongin unconsciously unzips his fly and tries to push his pants down without breaking the kiss. Baekhyun very quickly yanks his shirt off and pushes his pants down a bit, pressing his naked chest to Jongin’s. The two look at each other, panting and wondering if they should question what they are doing. Jongin responds with palming Baekhyun’s dick and Baekhyun hastily pulls down Jongin’s boxers and strokes his length furtively, moans mingling and bouncing off the walls.

Suddenly Baekhyun turns Jongin to face the mirror and Jongin wonders how his hyung got to be this strong. Cheek smashed into the mirror and Jongin sees his face paint for the first and-

“Did I seriously record an MV with my face painted like that?!” Jongin exclaims, pointing to his reflect and Baekhyun looked up from what he was doing and laughed darkly, pushing his pants down and leaning forward to kiss Jongin’s cheek and down his neck, smearing the ink and marring his handiwork. He pressed his chest to the dancer’s back and a hand teased Jongin’s nipples. Jongin moaned and bit his lip when Baekhyun’s other hand reached around to stroke his cock at a furious pace.

Baekhyun pulls Jongin away from the mirror and bends him over the table, Jongin’s cheek slamming into the wood and he winces. He understands what position he’s in and for some reason he’s not reacting, save for his chest heaving with each breath he takes.

He hears Baekhyun look for something and curse to himself. Then the singer sets his eye on something, what it was Jongin couldn’t see, and Baekhyun hurriedly unscrews the lid and dips his fingers into whatever it was. Then Jongin’s legs are spread and Jongin’s breathing gets heavier and the dancer winces under Baekhyun as the singers fingers are shoved into his entrance. There’s no buildup, just three fingers shoved in and something running down the inside of his thigh and Jongin chances to look.

“Are you using ink?” He exclaims and Baekhyun shushes him, fingers exiting Jongin’s hole and positions himself. At this point Jongin is groaning and breathing heavily and Baekhyun pushes himself in, eyes widening at the way Jongin’s back muscles tensed under his skin and how Jongin’s voice cracked in discomfort.

There is only a second of stillness, and then Baekhyun rams his entire length and Jongin groans continuously as Baekhyun fucks his ass rapidly. It’s painful, of course, and he doesn’t just feel it in his ass but in his back and in his calves, but he doesn’t want it to stop, in fact he reaches behind him to Baekhyun’s hips, as if to fill himself with more of the singer. Baekhyun goes faster, bucking his hips and enjoying the sound of skin slapping against skin and their moans overlapping.

There’s no lock on the door and Baekhyun didn’t bother to check if there was one, so when Joonmyun and Yixing walk in asking for Jongin to come in and look over his dance parts, both Jongin and Baekhyun were so surprised that Baekhyun shoots his load early into Jongin, and Jongin groans so loud he is sure everyone in the studio heard him.

“What, in God’s name-“ Joonmyun’s face is etched with a horrified expression so vivid Baekhyun doesn’t bother to wait to come down from his orgasm and hurries to get his clothes back on. Yixing closes the door so that no one else will hear Joonmyun’s hysterical shrieking as he swats at Baekhyun and Jongin for the display and ruining their face paint and clothes. He swats at them again for good measure, curses even and the two sobered up and looked at each other meekly as Joonmyun rubbed his temples and Yixing tried to calm him down. Jongin straightens up his clothes and stands up, wincing at his sore anus when he moves.

“That’s what you get,” Joonmyun growls and heads out of the room with Yixing right behind him, who is careful not to look at either Baekhyun or Jongin.

Jongin makes his way to the door and stops and turns to look at Baekhyun, who is making a conscious effort to wipe the ink from his face and not look at Jongin.

“Hyung,” His voice is hollow and soft yet Baekhyun’s head whips to Jongin’s direction and their gazes meet.

Jongin chews on his lip. “Thanks for painting me.”

Baekhyun nodded. “No problem.”

“… It’s going to stain my skin, isn’t it?” Jongin grimaces and despite their awkward situation Baekhyun laughs and approaches him, squeezing his hand and whispering promises of getting that ink thoroughly off his skin in Jongin’s ear. Jongin could only nod.

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